How To Discover the Latest Homeware Trends: From Online to In-Store, Here’s What You Need to Know


Looking for ways to spice up your home for the last half of 2024? Well, you are in for a treat! We have completed some research and found some of the best ways to discover the latest homeware trends. So, get your pen and paper at the ready because here we go!


    Pinterest is a multi-purpose global platform where aesthetic is everything. It gives you all kinds of media to work with, from sponsored product advertising to photos of the latest home decor craze.

    At the moment, costal home decor and botanical home decor are all the rage. This is most likely to do with the current time of year, but these are two stunning options to consider.

    Simply search “Home Decor Summer 2024” into the Pinterest search bar and the possibilities are endless! If you have a particular aesthetic in mind or you’re looking to modernise your current aesthetic, this is the perfect place to gain inspiration for your home.


    Since 2020, TikTok has been a huge platform for businesses, content creators, and people who use the app for search engine purposes.

    We cannot create a post about trends without mentioning TikTok; like Pinterest, it has everything you need! From how to achieve new trends to how to retain a timeless home aesthetic, there are millions of creators who have posted insightful tutorials to achieve a desired look.

    As well as decor purposes, home interior creators also use their platform to upload DIY videos for those aiming to repair something or create something unique and memorable to display. It is a super handy platform to have on your device, make good use of it to create your dream home.

    Have a Browse In-Store!

    Who doesn’t love an excuse to shop? One of the quickest ways to spot trends to recreate is through looking for new-in products in homeware stores. From local markets to department stores, you can buy something, take it home, and make use of your new purchases all in the same day, so no waiting time for shipping is in the way of you creating the home aesthetic of your dreams.

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