The Home and Gardens

Here we bring you all kinds of ideas and tricks for your home, from quirky wallpapers and new ways to make a home yours to ways to improve your home and get the most from each room. We’ll showcase the latest fashions for the home as the seasons change, and we will also let you in on quick and simple tips to make your home functional as well as unique and of course, all yours. This is where you’ll find all the green fingered news and ideas for your garden. We’ll also be bringing you ideas for smaller outdoor spaces like balconies and yards, and be talking about growing herbs and small plants in window boxes and in pots for those who only have a windowsill to play with. We’ll be letting you in on any secrets we uncover relating to all things nature, and delivering lots of ways to make the most of the outdoors. This where we play the middle man – we’ll be recommending decent and top quality business folk just for you to take your pick from, ranging from landscape gardeners to painters and decorators to handymen to artificial grass manufacturers and wrought iron gate specialists. We only deal with the best, and that’s why you’ll only deal with the best, too. Here’s where you come in. Got a business you’d like adding to our database? Enjoy blogging about gardening? Know a lot about growing your own vegetables? Know the easiest way to strip wallpaper from a huge room in ten minutes flat? (That might be pushing it a bit, but you catch our drift…) Then give us a shout and we might feature you on our site! We love guest bloggers and we love promoting good honest businesses, so get in touch today.