Transitioning Your Home from Autumn to Winter 


Now is the perfect time to get home looking stunning for the upcoming winter season. But, if you have recently decorated your home for autumn and do not want to make any drastic changes, worry not because in this blog we are going to be giving you a brief guide on how to subtly transform your home décor from autumn to winter without needing to make many changes. So, let’s dive straight in… 

The autumnal colour palette consists of oranges, browns, reds, and more unique tones of yellow like mustard or gold. You can incorporate these into the winter colour palette and slightly add swap the muted tones for more rich tones.  

When you think of winter, your first thought will most likely be Christmas and the New Year celebrations. So, speaking of those holidays from a colour palette perspective, we are looking more towards golds and reds. You can swap those light beiges and neutral tones for the festive champagne and bronze shades. 

The more sparkle and shimmer the better to allow as much light creation and reflections as possible. Especially during this dark time of year, you want to create a living atmosphere that is merry and bright! 

Winter décor such as fairy lights, throws, cushions, candles, and more are just some of the many pieces of homeware that you can carry through from autumn to winter. 

Winter colours and patterns looking at more jewelled and rich tones, shimmers, sparkles. Another thing to mention is that we always recommend going for a Winter Wonderland vibe so incorporating rustic, icy, foliage, woodland features will always be a hit when it comes to décor for this time of year. 

Candles and ambient lighting will be simple to transition from autumn to winter, just switch out your autumnal scents for wintertime scents such as winter berries and spices, then you will be good to go! 

Keeping a neutral base and layering them with the seasonal colour palettes will allow you to switch out your décor each season without needing to make any major decorative changes within your home.  

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