Daily Exercises for Your Dog – Guide by Breed 


It is vital for every single dog to endure some sort of daily exercise. However, did you know that different types of dog breeds require different amounts of exercise? To help understand how much exercise your dog’s breed needs, we have put together an exercise guide by breed to help you gain a better understanding of what your four-legged friend needs to stay fit and healthy. Let’s dive into the world of dog exercises! 

Long-legged, short-nosed breeds- 

Breeds such as Boxers, Chow Chows, and Mastiffs only require brisk walks. These can range from 20-30 minutes to avoid overheating and overexerting your dog. It is important to not overwork this type of bread as it can cause detrimental effects on their health. 

Large breeds- 

These include Great Danes, Bernese Mountain dogs, and Greyhounds. They need short walks that range from 30 minutes to an hour. However, like long-legged and short-nosed breeds, it is key you do not over-exercise this breed of dog as long walks, hikes, and lengthy runs can be extremely hard on your dog’s joints. 

Short-legged, short-nosed breeds- 

Pugs, Bulldogs, Boston Terriers, and Shih Tzus are just some breeds classed as short-legged and short-nosed. These breeds only need simple obstacle courses and quick walks as their daily exercise. You can create a hallway course with cardboard boxes and rolled towels. This type of breed can face many respiratory and breathing problems so remember to keep it minimal and always have water nearby. 

Long-backed, short-legged, and long-snout- 

These typically include Dachshunds and Basset Hounds. They only require brisk walks, but you must avoid them from leaping as these breeds are likely to face back problems due to their long back and little legs. 

Long-legged, standard snout – 

Pointers and Rhodesian Ridgebacks need lots of running. After a year, these kinds of dog breeds can run as far as 3 miles at a time. 

As well as plenty of daily exercise, dogs also need a healthy, well-balanced diet.

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