DIY Hacks That Will Help Your Cleaning Routine


Sometimes having to clean your house can really get the better of you and it can feel as though all you are doing is cleaning your house and trying to make It look nice. The last thing you want to be doing is always trying to make your house presentable, so today we thought we would share some DIY hacks for your house that will make your life so much easier!

Coffee isn’t Just Great in the Mornings

We all love a cup of coffee in the morning to help us wake up a bit, but what if I told you that coffee isn’t just great for perking you up a bit in the mornings? Coffee is also great for unclogging drains, mix some coffee with some dish soap and some boiling water and your drains shall be clogged no more! You can also use coffee as degreaser. Do you have some coffee left over in the morning then take them to the bathroom and get rid of that pesky grease around the bath!

Give your furniture some toothpaste

Don’t you hate it when you get a scratch on your furniture? Some people pay hundreds to restore theirs when damaged or stained! But did you know you can use a pea sized amount of non – gel paste instead! Scrub in circular motions until the scratch buffs out and there you go. Make sure to clean the remainder with a damp towel.

No more crayons on the walls

Do you have kids who love to draw on the walls? Well, if you do, we have a solution for you! Grab yourself a hair dryer and heat the desired area for a few seconds to soften the crayons wax, then simply wipe away any marks with a soft cloth.

Take your toilet to the dentist

Have you ever needed to clean your toilet but not had any cleaning supplies in to do so? Then take your toilet for a trip to the dentist by using mouthwash instead! Simply pour a capful of mouthwash into your toilet bowl and let it sit for half an hour. When you are ready to give It a scrub any grime will come right off.

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