How To Banish Spiders From The Home


It is not uncommon for spiders in all shapes and sizes to migrate inside in order to find a warm place to live during the colder winter months. Unfortunately, many people are unwilling to share their home with these creepy crawlies which can make midnight trips to the kitchen a frightening experience. Here at The Home and Gardens, we’ve put together a list of the easiest ways to prevent or remove spiders from the home without harming them in the process.

Essential Oils

Many homeowners are surprised to discover that spiders hate the smell of peppermint oil. In fact, using it sparingly within the home can actually make them flee in the opposite direction! It is thought to be an effective method of banishing the arachnids because spiders’ taste and smell with their legs which means that walking through the oil is something they would rather avoid. From burning peppermint oil candles to making a homemade spray from peppermint leaves, it is safe to say that spiders will find another dwelling to call home with this method. 

Spider Catchers

For those who aren’t scared of spiders but prefer not to have them inside the home, a swift smack with the bottom of a shoe often seems like the easiest way to get rid of them. Unfortunately, it isn’t the most humane option. Luckily, the gadget market has introduced a variety of high-quality spider catchers that allow homeowners to keep their distance and remove the spiders from their property with all their legs intact. In fact, they can be purchased for less than £10 in most supermarkets which makes them a very cost-effective option.


When the temperatures start to drop, garden spiders often make their way inside for warmth. This means that a property with soaring central heating may find that the arachnids make a regular appearance because the temperature of the household offers the perfect breeding ground. As a result, controlling the heating and making sure that it isn’t too hot can ensure that spiders remain under the floorboards and behind the walls where they cannot be seen.

Although the fear of spiders is a common phobia that is shared by millions of people in the UK alone, they are actually an important part of our ecosystem because they will consume insects like ants, cockroaches and flies. With this said, capturing and releasing spiders outside the home is the most humane and effective way to remove them.

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