How to Maintain Your Lawn During a Heatwave


When the temperatures are high enough to be classified as a heatwave, it is important that homeowners put certain steps in place in order to ensure that the sun doesn’t spoil their luscious green grass. After all, it takes a lot of perseverance to maintain a lawn so that it can be enjoyed during the summer months, and the last thing that any gardener wants to watch is all their hard work go to waste! Read on as we go over three top tips to keep in mind when tending to a lawn during a heatwave…


The temperatures tend to be at their hottest at midday when the sun is at its highest point in the sky. As a result, it is recommended that homeowners water their lawn early in the morning or last thing at night because this prevents the moisture evaporating before it can benefit the plants. This provides plenty of time for the water to soak into the soil and reach the roots, ensuring that a lawn is able to withstand the baking heat of the daytime.


Many homeowners will take advantage of the summer months by mowing their lawn; however, this can have an adverse effect during a heatwave if the correct measures are not taken. For instance, the blades should be higher than they usually would be as cutting the grass too short can reduce the plants ability to create the energy they require for growth. In addition to this, the clippings should also be left on the lawn as they can help reduce water evaporation.


Every lawn is plagued by the existences of weeds at one point or another, and the summer months are the most competitive time of year because the hot sun makes moisture incredibly valuable. As a result, gardeners should take care to remove any weeds or moss on their lawn in order to ensure that they are not inadvertently affecting their plants by nourishing the unwanted weeds.

Here at The Home and Gardens, we believe that a gardener with a plan is a gardener that is going to succeed. After all, most lawns are neglected during the winter which makes them incredibly difficult to revitalise and maintain during the summer. Luckily, our tips and tricks provide all the insider knowledge a homeowner requires to sustain their yard throughout even the hottest heatwaves. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!

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