Keeping the Home Clean with Pets


There is a common misconception that homes with pets aren’t very clean. Whilst it is true that living with a four-legged friend presents a few challenges that other households won’t have, it is possible to have a clean home and a pet at the same time. Here at The Home and Gardens, we like to provide helpful, relevant advice and with the weather getting colder every day, your pets are going to start to come inside more. Read on to find out a few top tips to keep your home clean with a pet…


Although cats groom themselves, they are still known to moult a lot which means that they have to be brushed and groomed on a regular basis. In fact, it is essential that a dog is groomed several times a week. This way there will be less fur on the furniture and carpets which will keep the home clean and reduce the amount of work there is to do.


Since pets are known to add to the amount of household chores, it is important that your cleaning efforts are consistent and regular. Otherwise it is possible that a home will become unsanitary due to the amount of pet fur lying around. On average, it is recommended that pet owning households should vacuum 3-4 times a week at a minimum.


Living with a pet is something that everybody should be able to experience however it is important to lay down some ground rules. For example, it may be wise not to allowing pets on the furniture ‘just one time’ as they will believe this behaviour is acceptable when you are out of the house and the markings only add to the list of cleaning chores you have to complete.

Here at The Home and Gardens, we recognise that owning a pet and promoting household cleanliness often struggle to reach a harmonious balance. After all, dogs aren’t known to pick up a sweeping brush very often! With our top tips, however we believe that every homeowner will be able to maintain pride in their home without much sacrifice. To find out more, get in contact with a member of The Home and Gardens team today!

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