Preparing Your Garden For Spring


With spring just around the corner it is never too early to start getting your garden organised for the change in temperature. After all, there are a variety of different vegetables and flowers that can be planted during the spring season! In order to ensure that your homes exterior is in tip top condition, the team here at The Homes and Gardens have put together a how-to article on preparing your garden for spring…


A messy garden is not a garden that is ready for planting. After all, the brutality of autumn and winter means that the area can be left looking a little disarray. Luckily all it takes is neatening of the garden beds and removal of unwanted debris and you will have the area look like new in no time!

Garden Tools

Planting means that you have to make sure all of your tools are ready for the job. After all, you wouldn’t cook with a rusty knife so why garden with splintering tools? In preparation of the spring season you should dig out your garden tools and clean with them hot soapy water. In addition to this, it is also important to treat the wooden handles with a mineral spirit as this prevents splintering from taking place.


Getting your garden ready for spring is one thing but maintaining it is a whole other kind of ball game. After all, upkeep is essential. When the flowers start to bud it is important to deadhead them, which is the removal of dead flower heads from the surviving plant. In addition to this, late spring is when you should also add a layer of mulch to your soil as this will help promote moisture and help growth.

Here at The Home and Gardens we believe that gardening promotes mental wellbeing and whilst it has the reputation of being an activity for the older members of society the reality is that gardening is age-less! Have you got any top tips for garden preparation this spring? Get in contact and let us know today!

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