Preparing your home for autumn.


When the days get shorter and the nights get longer there’s a range of things you can do in your home to prepare for autumn. Whether you want to get organised, clean and declutter or you want to get your autumn décor and wardrobe out in full force, here are a few prompts or ideas for you to help you prepare for autumn.

Deep Clean and declutter

When it comes to getting your house prepared for autumn you might want to do a deep seasonal clean. Put away all your summer things, donate or throw away anything you don’t need or didn’t use and switch your seasonal wardrobe by packing away the flowy dresses and light weight trousers and dust off the big coat and rain boots.

Autumn is a good time to tackle some of the big jobs before winter like cleaning out and servicing the fireplace, as well as cleaning out the oven and stove. Trimming the grass and then servicing the lawn mower before you back it in the shed for 6 months is also a great idea. This way your grass is fresh and clean cut, as the cold weather means it wont grow as quickly and you know your lawn mower will be ready to work in spring.

Setting the atmosphere

For some people the autumnal colour and décor is what makes autumn their favourite season as there is so much that you can add to your house to make it cosy, including thick throw blankets and pillows for your sofa or your bed. It’s also the perfect time of year for lighting candles and cosying up by your fire.

  • Candles – there are so many different smells for candles all year round but autumn Is one of the biggest seasons for candles as the days get shorter and darker, it gets colder, so you’re spending more time in doors and preparing for Christmas. If you dislike candles, potpourri is a good alternative.
  • Throw blankets – anything from a thick woollen blanket, light weight cotton, to a large chunky hand-knit blanket will be perfect in your home for autumn. Autumn is all about layers so find whatever works for you and suites your home. There are so many different options and a lot are becoming really eco-friendly. Furthermore, having one or several throw blankets around the house will save you wanting to put the heating on.

There is so much that you can add to your home to make it feel cosier and more autumnal during the colder months. You can go all out or you can pick a few statement pieces as there will be something that works for everyone.

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