Switching It Up! – Part Two


Last week we talked a bit about decorating made easy, and how to make big changes on a small budget with simple ideas like using a calm neutral shade on the walls. This week we’re going to talk about accessories and soft furnishings.
The feel we want to give off about the interior design of our home is that it’s comfortable, inviting and welcoming. We want to come home from work after a long day and sink into soft cushions on our couch, light some lovely relaxing candles and when it gets cold (Winter is fast approaching – sob) wrap ourselves up in a fluffy blanket. It doesn’t really matter where you get the accessories from, we’re not suggesting you spend a small fortune of anything here, but it’s often the simplest things that make the biggest difference especially when you have a budget to work to. Most shopping centres have a Quality Save or Home Bargains in them, and they’re often brilliant sources of knickknacks and trinkets to make your home look that little more pretty.
Candles, scented ones, are great. They just add that extra bit of warmth with their light and of course that lovely scent wafting through your home. Vanilla is a great all-rounder, but you can of course match the scent to the time of year or the occasion. You can use cinnamon or mulled wine scented candles at Christmas, citrus or floral notes for spring, toasted marshmallow for friends coming over… the list is endless. Just don’t have scented candles burning when you’re having a dinner party or people over for food; the smell of the food is enough and needs to be appreciated.
Throws and blankets are used more than you might think. Most people probably fold theirs up and tuck it away behind the sofa, only bringing it out at night or in the evening when they’re watching a film, but draped over the arm of a chair or the sofa back they look fab, even better when you choose a funky print. Geometrics are great and lots of shops are stocking geometric print accessories like blankets, cushions and rugs which all look brilliant in the home against a neutral backdrop. Don’t choose a scratchy wool blanket for the lounge, not everyone likes the feel and it might just be you who likes reminiscing about having wool blankets as a kid! A simple fleece or cotton based throw is best, they’re easy to wash and don’t take long to dry when hung up. Don’t have too many blankets either, or it might start to look messy. Two is enough. You can choose the colour and print and mismatch or completely match up, as long as you have neutral base as we discussed at week.
Cushions are so nice to lay back on, and they can be used for backs, arms, shoulders, or for laying on tummies watching a film and fort building (more for the little ones!) Big ones and small ones look great together, or you could just go all out and cram lots of sumptuous oversized ones on the couches to really invite people in. Don’t have lots of small ones as they’re really no use, you can’t get comfy on them and they’re more of a decoration than a help.
Fairy lights, bowls, picture frames, whatever you see in the stores that you like, buy it! It’s your home and you need to feel relaxed and safe in it; don’t let magazines and catalogues dictate to you. If you want the minimal look or the intricate look, it’s up to you, go with what feels cosy and right for you, but check in with us and we can help you out if you’re not sure where to start!

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