The Benefits of a Real Christmas Tree


With plastic pollution on the rise, real Christmas trees are becoming the most popular choice of decoration during the festive period. After all, they come with a wide range of benefits and can be the best decision you will ever make! Read on as The Home and Gardens team go over a few reasons why swapping out your plastic Christmas tree in place of a real one could benefit you…

Environmentally Friendly

The majority of real Christmas trees are planted and cut down specifically for the festive season which means that the 8 million trees that are purchased every year do not contribute to deforestation. In addition to this, as they grow, they also support life by emitting oxygen for us to breathe and absorbing the carbon dioxide that we exhale.


A real Christmas tree is biodegradable and can be recycled into wood chippings after the festive period has ended. This means that they are not thrown into landfill and left to rot away and release toxic gases like the plastic alternative often is. In fact, some real Christmas trees can even be replanted if the roots are left attached.


When you know where to look, a high-quality real Christmas tree can be purchased for around £40 which is much more cost effective in comparison to faux trees which tend to be priced somewhere between £80 and £300! In fact, they can also last for around 6-8 weeks as long as you take care of them correctly and ensure that they are watered regularly to prevent them dropping their needles all over your floors.

Here at The Home and Gardens, we believe that Christmas should be celebrated without affecting the environment. After all, thousand of plastic trees end up in landfill every year where they sit for 500 years, releasing toxic gases into the atmosphere. If you are considering making the switch this Christmas, the team here at The Home and Gardens would love to help! Get in contact to find out more information about caring for your first real Christmas tree today!

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