The Benefits of Window Grilles


As one of the most popular residential safety investments on the market, a window grille is incredibly easy to install and can be done so at a fraction of the cost of alternative options like roller shutters. After all, there should never be a price put on security and peace of mind. Read on as the team here at The Home and Gardens go over three benefits of window grilles and why every domestic property should have them…

Are window grilles aesthetically pleasing?

Many homeowners are turned away by the industrial design of window grilles due to the bars that cover the exterior of a property and its windows. Luckily, they have undergone an aesthetical revolution over the past few years and window grilles can now be purchased in a range of different colours, styles and finishes in order to meet the aesthetical needs of every homeowner with ease.

Do window grilles damage a property?

A window grille is installed onto the exterior of a home using strong and thick screws that can support their weight. Whilst this does create holes in the brickwork, it does not create any damage that would affect the aesthetical or structural integrity of a property and allows window grilles to be installed, repaired and removed very simply.

How much do window grilles cost?

As the most affordable form of residential security on the market, the average window grille costs between £50 and £300 depending on the features that a property owner chooses to opt for. After all, the colour, material and design elements of a window grille can increase or decrease the overall price of an investment considerably.

Although they are known as a crime deterrent and security tool, it is safe to say that there is much more to the humble window grille than safety. After all, they are easy to install and do so without any damage to a property’s structure. To find out more information about investing in residential security solutions, get in contact with a member of the ABC Industrial team and ask about their range of window grilles today!

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