The Best Plants to Keep in Your Bathroom


The best plants for the bathroom would be those who thrives in lower light, higher humidity environments. Since bathrooms are usually home to the shower and bath for the property, their interior is often damp and humidity peaks on a daily basis! Bathroom windows are also notoriously bad at letting natural light through – they’re usually either quite small or blurred for privacy! So, which plants would be best for such a place? Let’s take a look!

Nerve Plants (Fittonia)

This plant comes in many colours. It has a prominent veining with rich dark green leaves. You can really brighten up your bathroom and add a pop of colour to the room. This plant is always the go to for terrariums, so it makes sense that they thrive in the bathroom! They love indirect light and a humid environment.

Aloe Plants

Aloe plants are very low maintenance as they are a succulent. However, Aloe’s love the humidity and can survive in indirect light as well as direct light. The Aloe grows thick fleshy leaves which when you break off, you can use the gel inside to treat sunburns or as a natural cooling moisturiser treatment after a bath. Very funky looking with the added benefit of a moisturiser!

Air Plants

Air plants are plants that don’t need to be in soil or submerged in water in order to live. This means that the possibilities of decorating with them are endless. They thrive in a high humidity and bright light, prefect for bathrooms! These are perfect if you need smaller plant options without the bulk of the pot. Just mist them occasionally, whenever they look dry.

Cacti and Succulents

Any type of cacti or succulent will thrive and be happy on the windowsill of the bathroom. They love direct bright light but will still thrive behind a frosted or patterned bathroom window. Succulents are pretty hardy in fluctuating temperatures, just make sure to move them a couple of inches away from the glass in the colder months. These types of plants require very little attention, and you would be best to completely ignore them most of the time, perhaps trying to water only once a month. Over watering is always the culprit on killing these plants, so forget about them and water when you remember!

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