The Dangers of Asbestos Disposal in a Skip


As the most effective method of waste disposal on the market, a skip is suitable for a range of different recyclable materials because they can be easily sorted and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. With this said, it is vital that toxic materials like chemicals, gases and fibres are not placed inside a skip during a home renovation project because they can put people in danger. Read on as the team here at The Home and Gardens go over everything there is to know about the danger of disposing of asbestos in a skip…

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a fibrous material that was used inside many residential homes in order to provide strength without adding weight. In addition to this, it also provided a lot of insulation and fire-resistance inside the home. With this said, the fibres can be very dangerous when inhaled because they can become trapped inside the respiratory tract, causing serious health conditions like asbestosis, lung cancer or even mesothelioma.

How should asbestos be disposed?

Since asbestos is considered a highly toxic material, it should only be removed by a licenced professional with the tools to do so in the least dangerous way possible. After all, the removal of asbestos causes the fibres to break apart and this can make workers without masks vulnerable to the conditions above. In addition to this, professionally removed asbestos should always be taken to a suitable recycling facility and never placed in a landfill.

What materials are suitable for skip hire?

There are a variety of materials that are safe for skip disposal, however, asbestos is not one of them. After all, the fibres can put workers at serious risk during the removal process and the skip hire workers in question may unknowingly breathe in fibres too. In addition to this, a skip hire team are not able to dispose of asbestos in the correct way, which is essential due to its highly toxic fibres.

When it comes to home renovation or property remodelling, it is essential that materials that contain asbestos are not placed inside a skip because the fibres can cause serious health problems for the skip hire collection team as well as the workers who transfer the asbestos from the property to the skip. To find out more information about using a skip safely, get in contact with the best skip hire Manchester has to offer and speak to a member of the PWM Skip Hire team today!

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