3 Reasons Why Your House Is Always Cold


With the clocks set to go back in less than a month, it is important that homeowners start to prepare for the inevitable drop in temperature that often accompanies it. After all, the cost of staying warm can increase with subtly until we are shelling out hundreds of pounds in electricity and gas bills. With this said, some property owners tend to find that their property is cold no matter how high they put the thermostat. Read on as the team here at The Home and Gardens go over three reasons why this may be happening…

Why are double glazed windows more effective?

Most properties are now fitted with double glazing, a type of window that use two panes of glass separated by a vacuum, because it offers property owners a higher efficiency rating than the single glazing alternative. After all, heat has to travel through several pockets in order to leave a property and this allows homeowners to heat their property at an affordable rate. As a result, upgrading the windows of a single-glazed property can ensure that the heat remains inside and prevents that never-ending cold feeling that homeowners are often plagued with.

What are the signs of a draft?

Sometimes the formation of cracks and gaps inside a property can allow cold air to seep inside and affect the temperature of a room. In fact, this may be so subtle that locating the draft itself can be incredibly difficult as the problem can affect the basement, attic, brickwork or even the window frames. The most effective way to find a draft is to close all the windows and doors inside a property and place candles in front of the windows to see if they flicker as this often suggests an air leak.

Why is high-quality loft insulation important?

Basic science tells us that hot air rises and this means that the heat we introduce into our home via radiators and electrical appliances will be lost through the attic without effective insulation in place. In fact, insulation is used in order reduce heat loss and ensure that homeowners live in a warm environment all-year round. As a result, a property that feels cold all the time may be overdue for a loft insulation replacement.

Here at The Home and Gardens, we believe that preparation is key when it comes to the colder months of the year. After all, it is often much easier and more cost-effective to repair a draft before the winter season hits, especially when the temperatures are getting harder to predict each year. If you think that you may have a problem with heat retention inside the home, get in contact with a professional today and have a full inspection carried out. To find out more information about keeping the home warm, get in contact with a member of The Home and Gardens team today!

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