3 Things to Know Before You Plant a Tree in Your Garden


Trees are essential to the creation of clean air as they absorb carbon dioxide and provide a regular supply of oxygen for us to breathe through a process known as photosynthesis. As a result, there are numerous reasons why you should consider planting one in your garden, however it is important to do your research beforehand in order to avoid being caught off-guard. Read on as we go over three things you should know…

Ground vs Container

The first hurdle that you must overcome with tree ownership is how to plant one correctly as planting a tree in the ground is different from planting one in a container. For example, planting a tree in the ground requires a focus on depth as the roots must be given sufficient room to breathe and as such, digging a square area rather than a circular one is often more appropriate. On the other hand, planting a tree in a container means that you do not need to a dig a hole any deeper than the roots. With this said, it should be planted sooner rather than later so that the roots don’t dry out.


Many homeowners are unaware of how strong the roots of a fully grown tree can be. After all, they tend to grow to a depth of 2 metres and can spread horizontally by up to 5 metres. Since tree roots absorb nutrients from the moisture in the soil, it is important that they are planted a safe distance away from your property in order to avoid them affecting your foundations. As a general guide, you should find out how tall the mature tree will be and then plant it ¾ of this distance from your home.


Trees may be living organisms, but they require a lot of upkeep when they are located in your back garden. For instance, you should ensure that a growing tree is provided with a regular supply of water and nutrients, and that a mature tree is regularly pruned. This prevents overgrowth and ensures that a tree remains healthy, however, it should always be carried out by a professional tree surgeon.

Although trees are important, they are also a big commitment for homeowners. You must provide them with regular maintenance to ensure that they stick around for as long as possible without damaging your property in the process. After all, a poorly located tree may damage your foundations if you do not consult with an expert.

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