The Most Popular Winter-Flowering Plants


Every avid gardener understands the hard work that has to be put into their garden in order to obtain the very best results. After all, there are certain plants that flower during the winter which means that they have to be planted accordingly in order to add a splash of colour to the darkest and coldest months of the year. Read on as we go over three popular winter-flowering plants that you should start planting now….

Winter Honeysuckle

Brought to the UK from China during the mid-19th century, Winter Honeysuckle is a fragrant flower with cream-white petals on almost leafless branches. They are a magnet for winter bumblebees, fairly easy to propagate from seeds and cuttings, and will flower between December and February.


With their large, purple petals that certainly give violas a run for their money, Pansies are winter-flowering plants that are usually grown as an annual bedding plant. As a bi-coloured flower, they usually have a darker centre that gives them a lot of character. Although many will flower during the summer, some species of Pansies have been bred to flower in the winter, specifically between November and March.


Gardeners who do not have a lot of space to work with will love the beauty of Daphnes. These colourful shrubs can be placed into window boxes, containers, borders and even regular soil which makes them incredibly versatile, and there are even evergreen and deciduous varieties. They will typically flower between February and March.

We often associate bees with the summertime, but there are actually winter bumblebees that pollinate a variety of plants too and these are just as important. After all, a well-maintained garden is not just as aesthetical achievement as every gardener that chooses to plant winter-flowering plants can also help the ecosystem at the same time.

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