The Pesky Problem of Garden Weeds


Garden weeds come in all shapes and sizes, and some even take the shape of regular flowers which means that novice gardeners frequently allow them to remain undisturbed. Weeds grow where they aren’t sown which means that they can put the plants that we do want at risk if they aren’t dealt with promptly. Read on as we explain why weeds are a pesky problem that should be tended to sooner rather than later…

What are weeds?

By definition, a weed is a plant that provides no value nutritionally, economically or as a food source. They often grow where they haven’t been planted and have accelerated growth cycles which means that they can take over a garden pretty quickly compared to the plants that gardeners intend to grow, making they a pesky problem that can drive homeowners crazy.


The biggest problem that gardeners tend to have with weeds is their ability to wreak havoc on existing plants. After all, their accelerated growth means that they are able to take over an area pretty quickly, forcing the plants and flowers that homeowners have sown and tended to for many months to compete for nutrients and moisture. In the majority of cases, the weeds win the battle which is why they need to be removed promptly.

Living Parasites

Some plants are not necessary considered a weed in the true sense of sowing their own seeds where they aren’t wanted, but they do behave like living parasites. They attach themselves to neighbouring plants via the stem or root and use them in order to steal nutrients and moisture. A surprising example of these parasites is mistletoe which leaves its host’s weak and susceptible to starvation and disease. 

Every avid gardener understands the danger that weeds like dandelions, pilewort and creeping thistle propose. After all, they will steal the nutrients that your plants rely on to survive and, at the very least, make your yard lack the aesthetical value that you desire. To prevent weeds from taking over your garden, always carry out weeding on a regular basis.

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