3 Tips to Prevent Summer Insects Coming Indoors


The British summer is an event that takes places sporadically and can be fairly difficult to predict. With this said, the number of creepy crawlies that can be found inside the home will increase without fail each year and this can make life a misery for both arachnophobes and mellissophobes alike. Luckily, there are several ways to prevent summer insects from finding their way into your home. Read on to find out more…

Home Cleanliness

As one of the peskiest insects around, ants are typically attracted to food that ends up on the floor and that is why many homeowners may find themselves the victim of an ant infestation during the summer months. In addition to this, fruit flies and dust mites are also drawn to dirty houses. As a result, it is vital that the inside a property is kept as clean as possible and that any food is cleaned up immediately in order to prevent an unfortunate infestation taking place.

Cracks and Crevices

Due to their small size, bugs can fit through any gap that the end of a pencil can fit in. In addition to this, the UK is known for sudden temperature increases after the cold winter months and this can cause the seals around door and window frames to shrink. As a result, it is wise to fill any cracks and crevices and fix any seals before the creepy crawlies begin using the inside of your home as a way to shade themselves from the hot outdoor temperatures.

Window Screens

It is important to open a window during the summer months in order to allow air the circulate and ensure that damp and condensation do not affect the walls. With this said, many insects consider this an open invitation! Whilst they are not as common in the UK, many American homes are fitted with window screens that allow homeowners to open a window throughout the day without allowing bugs inside. Luckily, they can be purchased online and fitted with ease in order to create a fly-proof home all summer long.

Although these top tips can help prevent spiders, ants and moths from making themselves at home, it is not an eviction notice. After all, these creepy crawlies have the ability to fit through the smallest gaps which means that it is not uncommon to find a bumble bee in your living room looking incredibly confused! To find out more information about summer safety, get in contact with a member of The Home and Gardens team today!

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