3 Ways to Prepare Your Garden for Spring


After a winter that allowed us to stay locked indoors as a result of the 3rd COVID-19 lockdown, it is safe to say that we can’t wait to get outside! Luckily, spring is just around the corner and there is no time like the present to start preparing your garden for the warmer temperatures and awakening wildlife. Read on as we go over three top tips…


There is nothing more harmful to a spring garden than a weed infestation so it is important to rid your yard of them sooner rather than later! As the temperatures begin to rise, the ground should thaw and become more workable which will allow you to dig deep into the ground and remove any pesky weeds from the root. Remember to dispose of weeds far away or burn them in order to prevent any seeds germinating.

Soil Preparation

The healthier the soil in your garden is, the more chance your plants will have to survive and thrive as the spring season progresses. Loosen the soil by tilling and turning it to a depth of 12-14 inches. Another beneficial way to take care of your soil is to provide a layer of compost or mulch as this can provide vital nutrients and will prevent weeds from returning.

Early Planting

Although it may still be too chilly to start planting outdoors, many hardy vegetables like onions, potatoes and some lettuces can be planted indoors. After all, getting this first-wave out of the way can give your garden the best possible start and they can be transferred to the outdoor soil with care once the spring temperatures really take hold.

Here at The Home and Gardens, we are here to bring you all the insider knowledge on everything relating to homelife and gardening so you can get to work without having to track down the information you need. Remember, the spring season is set to start on March 20th so dig out those gardening tools from the back of the shed sooner rather than later!

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