Top Tips to Remove Pesky Carpet Stains


If there’s one aspect of adulthood that really humbles us, it’s the cost of everyday luxuries that we often took for granted when living with parents. After all, carpeting an entire house can literally set you back thousands! The team here at The Home and Gardens know how important quality and longevity are when it comes to carpet maintenance which is why we have decided to go over a few top tips that will help you remove common stains. Read on to find out more…

Red Wine

We’ve all been there! Spilling a glass of wine seems to happen in slow motion yet there is no way to stop the fall once it has begun, but luckily a red patch in your lovely cream carpet doesn’t have to spell disaster. Ironically, you should pour some white wine directly on top in order to dilute the colour, use cold water to sponge the moisture and sprinkle some salt on top. After leaving it to soak for 10 minutes, you should be able to vacuum away the evidence.


With its deep rich colour, coffee is often the 2nd most dreaded stain for many homeowners. After all, they leave behind discolouration that takes a yellow-ish hue that can often be unsightly and embarrassing. The best way to combat a coffee stain is to dilute white vinegar in some water and blot it. In fact, it is also thought that beer serves as an effective stain remover for coffee stains too. But remember, never scrub a food stain as this will just spread it!


Whether you dropped your favourite bottle of foundation or dabbed the floor with your mascara wand, we’ve got you covered. After all, make-up stains are one of the most common types around. Since most make-up is oil based, it can often be removed from fabric using a grease-fighting substance like washing-up liquid. In this type of circumstance, you can usually scrub in order to work the cleaner into the carpet fibres and ensure that the product comes out.

The average carpet will last 5-15 years depending on the quality of the threading and the way that it is treated throughout its life. After all, a high-volume of foot traffic is almost guaranteed to reduce the quality of your carpet much quicker, but luckily a nasty stain doesn’t mean that you need to think about replacing the whole thing. To preserve its luxury softness, remember to always treat your carpet with care!

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