The Benefits of a Draught Excluder


Here at The Home and Gardens, we’re always on hand to provide you with any handy tips and tricks that may prove useful when it comes to heat retention inside the home. After all, nobody wants to spend money on energy that they aren’t using! Draught excluders are an affordable way to ensure that heat doesn’t escape out of a certain room and also ensure that you get a lot more bang for your buck. Read on as we go over some of the benefits of investing in draught excluders…

Save Energy and Money

There are many ways that heat can escape out of your home, such as through small crevices in your window frames or even through the floorboards themselves. In fact, sometimes you may find that you are losing energy on a room-to-room basis as the heat escapes under the doors or cold air drifts into the room instead. A draught excluder simply traps the heat where you want it to prevent you paying for energy that is merely leaving the property, reducing the likelihood of shockingly high energy bills at the end of the month.

Consistent Indoor Temperatures

When you have small cracks in your window and door frames or large gaps under your indoor doors, you may find that it is difficult to control the temperature inside your home. After all, the outdoor temperature can have quite an influential role so it may be harder to retain heat inside each room and you may even find that the temperatures are just too warm in summer time. Placing a draught excluder in these troublesome areas will prevent the movement of air and make it much easier to maintain a consistent indoor temperature throughout the year.


Let’s face it – some of the draught excluder designs on the market are pretty awesome! When it comes to improving the style of your home, it is important to take aesthetics into consideration at all times and draught excluders are actually quite versatile. They come in a range of different colours, sizes and materials and can even be personalised to fit your decor specifically. Remember, heat retention doesn’t have to be ugly!

A lot of homeowners tend to look at the negatives associated with draught excluders and fail to take the positives into consideration. We all want to heat our home affordably and there are dozens upon dozens of different styles to choose from which means that there is no need to sacrifice affordability in favour of aesthetics. Plus, draught excluders are long-wearing and tend to stick around for many years when you invest in high-quality.

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