The Benefits of Opening Windows


In a country like the UK, it can seem counterproductive to actively open the windows and invite cold air into the home – especially during the winter season. With this said, air quality is incredibly important to our health and there are many benefits that can be obtained from such a simple act. Here at The Home and Gardens, we’ve decided to go over a few…

Air Circulation

Although they serve a purpose, fans and air conditioning units do nothing but circulate the air that is already inside your home and this isn’t particularly healthy. Opening windows, even for an hour a day, allows fresh air to enter the home and the poor-quality air filled with pollutants to escape. This makes your home healthier and happier for your family, children and pets in particular.

Saves Energy

They may be convenient, but an electric fan guzzles a lot more electricity than you realise. The average household fan can cost around £2 per day and this can really add up if you’ve got multiple on the go at once. Opening your windows is a cheaper and easier way to keep the home cool during summer and, as we mentioned above, can improve the quality of air that you are breathing.

Natural Sunlight

It’s counterproductive to open your windows whilst keeping the curtains closed which means that there is the added benefit of obtaining natural sunlight. Vitamin D is essential for the absorption of calcium so nobody can afford to miss out on their daily intake, so fling open those curtains on a morning and open your window as you get dressed. Your general health will thank you for it!

As we previously mentioned, you should make a conscious effort to open your winters during both winter and summer in order to allow air to circulate and improve the quality of the air that the household is breathing. Even just 5-10 minutes on a morning can make a big difference, especially during the colder months of the year when we all crank up the heating instead.

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