Are You Recycling the Right Way?


Reuse, reduce, recycle is a phrase that has become commonplace in society. After all, the government is finally starting to realise that our waste is affecting the planet and that we need to make a change. With this said, there are a wide variety of ‘aspirational recyclers’ that mean well but tend not to execute the principle correctly. Here are a couple of items that you may be recycling wrong…

Disposable Cups

Many people presume that their paper coffee cups can be recycled however they are actually incredibly damaging for the environment. This is because they are lined with a fine layer of polyethylene inside in order to make them liquid proof. Unfortunately, this makes them expensive and very hard to process so many places simply treat them as trash. In addition to this, fast food outlets like McDonalds and KFC also print their disposable cups with a wax on the exterior, making them even harder to recycle.


Whilst tins are widely recycled, there are certain steps that should be carried out before they are picked up and taken to a waste management facility. For example, you should separate the tin from the paper packaging that it comes in and wash out any contents that may be still inside. This is because facilities are getting more specific about the way that they treat materials and if you leave a tin with food inside they may treat it as trash rather than recycle it.

Here at The Home and Gardens we believe that there is a recycler in everybody. After all, each person should do their bit in order to help save the planet. With this said, industries that aren’t jumping on board the eco-friendly bandwagon are causing more damage than any single person ever could which is why it is important to campaign for a change. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!

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