Removing Laminate Floor Scratches


A laminate floor is an effective way to modernise your home and remove the out of date carpets that have been in place since the 90’s. After all, more and more homes are opting to install alternatives in their hallways. With this said, a laminate floor is a common victim of scratches and scrapes from chairs, shoes and children’s toys. Luckily, there are a few ways you can help restore your laminate floor to its former glory. Read on to find out more information…

Wax Pencil

When a scratch is minor the problem can be quickly rectified with a wax pencil in a colour that matches the laminate flooring. All you have to do is fill in the scratch and blend it into the floor until the mark is no longer visible. It is important that you use short strokes and once the scratch is filled in you should use a soft cloth in order to buff the edges so there are no harsh lines.

Floor Putty

For scratches that are a bit deeper, you are going to require something called floor putty in order to get the job some. Make sure you have a putty knife to hand and simply spread the putty across the scratch, ensuring that the knife is kept at a 45 degree angle so that the spread is completely even. After a day the putty will harden and become flush with the laminate.


If a scrape is incredible deep then it may be best to invest in a replacement. After all, the best thing about laminate is its ability to be ripped up piece by piece in order to replace the damaged sections whilst leaving the unmarked ones alone. Not only is it more cost effective to replace major scrapes, it will look much more aesthetically pleasing.

Here at The Home and Gardens, we want to ensure that both the exterior and interior of our reader’s homes are in the best condition possible. After all, being house proud isn’t a trend that died in the 60’s! Have you got any tips and tricks for removing laminate floor scratches? Get in contact today and let us know!

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