Tips For Removing Carpet Stains


People are often staining their carpet and worrying that it’s impossible to get the stain out afterwards. Well, here at The Home and Garden we have a few tips to help you get the toughest stains out of your cream carpet, because we all know that accidents happen- whether it’s red wine being spilt on a Saturday night to muddy paw prints being left from your feline friend. Here at Home and Gardens we have the solution and are going to help you solve your problems!


Are you a tea or coffee lover? And regularly spill this liquid on your carpet? Well, beer is the answer. Beer is quite an unorthodox cleaning method, however lightly pouring beer over the stain and rubbing softly into the carpet will help remove the stain- making it disappear. If it’s a rather stubborn stain, repeat the actions multiple times.


Vinegar is the godsend of all cleaning and helps remove most stains. There are many different formulas to try when trying to remove each stain. For muddy paw prints, and mud, mix a tablespoon of vinegar with a small amount of corn-starch, rub that into the affected area and then let it settle for two days before vacuuming and the stain should have vanished- like magic!


Salt is great for red wine spillages! With red wine you must be prompt in order to not let the stain soak in the carpet too much- otherwise, it will be difficult to vanish. Whilst the red wine stain is still wet, pour over white wine this will dilute the overall colour of the stain. From there, clean the stain with cold water and a sponge. Once this is completed, pour salt over the stain which will then absorb any red wine left in the carpet!

It can be initially devastating when you see a stain on your carpet, but there are many solutions on how to get it out of your carpet- however, the quicker you are, the more likely the stain will vanish. For more stain remover hacks, then get in contact with a member of our team today!

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