Yes, you read that right. Artificial grass. You’re thinking of that horrible, bright green scrubby stuff aren’t you? That itchy plastic neon green rug type stuff. Well think again! Now artificial grass is a whole new system. It’s constructed carefully with layers to the system, and the actual top layer which is made to look like grass, really does look like natural grass. It’s so soft, and is made in varying shades of green to add to the appearance. It’s thick, lush and really lovely to walk barefoot on. It’s also really adaptable too, so if you think there’s no way you can have a lovely crisp lawn due to the state of your existing ground or outdoor space, you’ll be surprised to know that artificial grass can be installed pretty much anywhere. Even if you don’t have any soil to begin with…

Artificial grass can be installed absolutely anywhere. Over patchy or lumpy soil, over decking, over concrete… No, we’re not losing our marbles. That’s just how adaptable the product is. There are lots of different finishes too, so you can choose what sort of look you want and each finish is a different price, allowing you to work to your budget. It’s so easy to look after too, all it requires is a slight sluice down with warm water and a once over with a stiff yard brush and it’s fresh as the day it was laid. It is perfectly safe for pets and children too.

It’s UV stable which means it keeps its colour all year round and won’t lose colour under snow or leaves in the colder months of the year. It’s so easy to have artificial grass, and there are many suppliers to choose from. A supplier we highly recommend is QuickGrass. The prices are really competitive and the customer service is second to none. They also sell a whole range of great accessories to go along with your purchase to make the installation fuss free, and they also have a list of trusted installers to do the job for you if you so wish. Check them out, they have a great easy to navigate website and the form for any kind of contact is on there too. You can also request a sample pack if you don’t believe us that the quality is fantastic!

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