It’s not just houses we’re concerned with here at The Home and Gardens. We know homes come in all shapes, sizes and forms so we’re going to over the next few weeks be focusing on that fact and celebrating it! This week we’re looking at flats, specifically balconies. When you live in a flat above the ground floor it’s difficult to get out in the green space and fresh air because it’s not as simple as throwing the back door open and pottering in and out. A lot of flats these days such as those ran by housing trusts have communal gardens which is great because it means you have all the enjoyment of an afternoon in the sunshine without the maintenance and upkeep of the lawn and weeds! If you want privacy though (which you definitely won’t get in a communal garden!) and you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, then it’s great to relax out there in a little bubble.

Most balconies though are concrete and not very comfortable. They’re often small, restricted, and if you live in a council property you’re not really allowed to do much to them in the way of redecoration and design. An easy way to spruce it up and to make it even more like a little private oasis is to have a strip of artificial grass installed! There’s no need for an installer either, just measure your balcony, order the piece and when it arrives, whack that bad boy down like a rug! You can weigh it down with some pretty plant pots or ornaments if you like too, really push that boat out. Artificial grass is fantastic and it’s come a hell of a long way from the neon green plastic stuff it used to be. We really suggest you consider it!

Artificial grass in Birmingham, London and Cheshire is becoming increasingly popular, so why don’t you get on board with the trend and see for yourself?

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