Garden Overhaul for Spring


How many of you have looked out to your garden now we actually have some natural light, seen the damage winter has done and dreaded the work needed? Snow and ice can destroy a garden in a matter of months especially if it wasn’t the healthiest of gardens before the winter hit. It can be such hard work keeping a garden maintained and sometimes you might feel it would be easier to just flagstone the lot. If you have kids though this isn’t the safest option for them because they’ll most likely scrape, bump, bang and bruise themselves rotten within five minutes in a flagstone yard.

Have you ever thought about artificial grass? Years ago artificial grass was awful; it was short, plastic, scratchy and the colour of a cheap brillo pad. Now though, technology has come on in leaps and bounds meaning artificial grass looks and feels incredibly realistic. It’s extremely durable too and the lifespan is around ten years, twelve if you look after it. Looking after artificial grass is easy, just keep it free from build ups of fallen leaves and twigs and don’t set fire to it! It isn’t fire resistant so no bonfires or fire bowls – that’s a given though. Don’t spill industrial strength chemicals on it, or hack at it with hedge trimmers, the usual. It sounds like we’re listing silly stuff, but we’ve seen it, trust us!

All artificial grass needs is a sweep once a week or less if you’re not that active on it, using a stiff brush. Not a rake though, as this can cause damage. The benefits of artificial grass are incredible. Bright, lush grass all year round, no gardening, soft underfoot, safe for children and pets, UV stable, long lasting, hardwearing, easy to install, adaptable to any surface, looks great in any size garden, can replace decking or flagstones no problem, no muddy footprints or paw prints, no weeds or nettle patches… shall we go on?

Artificial grass in London is becoming more and more popular – Londoners are busy and have little or no time to dedicate to gardening. Inner city London especially is benefitting from artificial grass, what with their tiny little terraced houses having minimal green space in the surrounding vicinity. Artificial grass is great for busy inner city workers because it requires no maintenance, making their lives easy but their garden still bright and vibrant!

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