Smokeless Fuel: Ovals and Kiln Dried Logs


Who doesn’t love a roaring fire? It’s such a nice feeling, hearing the crackling and seeing the hypnotic dancing flames and of course it’s a different kind of warmth. The thing is not many homes have open fires these days and if they do, the house falls in a no-smoke zone meaning you aren’t allowed to burn anything. It can be quite a smoky smell though which not everyone likes and often there’s a lot of spitting meaning little pock holes in the carpet. Coal can be messy, but it’s cheap and very traditional however the downside is it’s prohibited in no-smoke zones.

The way forward is smokeless fuel such as ovals or kiln dried wood. Smokeless ovals burn at a constantly greater temperature than house coal and gives off 80% less smoke meaning it’s the only solid fuel homeowners are allowable to burn in no-smoke zones. The ovals last around 40% longer meaning you don’t need to replenish as often, so this means that smokeless coal is cheaper in the long run. Smokeless ovals, or smokeless coal, is great for use in open fires, multi-use stoves and glass fronted stoves too. Add in the fact that they’re easy to light giving you more time relaxing in front of toasty fire and you’re on to a winner!

The same goes for kiln dried wood. This fuel too allows for less spitting but burns at a very high heat with a bright flame giving off a natural woody scent which isn’t smoky. The moisture of kiln dried logs is considerably lower than that of firewood or logs you gather yourself meaning that the dependability of the wood is consistent; they are all kiln dried to the same standard and they burn immediately again meaning you get more time in front of a lovely hot fire. They burn clean too, no smoke and no ash.

There are many places now where smokeless coal and kiln dried logs are readily available and they’re becoming increasingly popular, so why don’t you see what all the fuss is about?


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