Benefits of Summer Houses


If you’re looking for a new twist on outdoor relaxation during summer, why not consider a summer house? They can be cheaper than conservatories and they are more versatile too, meaning that you don’t have to have them in a certain spot in the garden or attached to your house if you don’t want that sort of disruption to your property. They can be any style, traditional or contemporary and require minimal upkeep. A timber treatment once a year is all that is usually needed. You can have a small and cheap summer house for your kids, or a more substantial one for yourselves as adults to relax or entertain in.

They are often of strong construction and can withstand all weathers, and as long as the height is under 2.5m you don’t require planning permission. You can place them anywhere in the garden, they don’t have to be in a specific location or facing a certain way such as South. They are so adaptable, you can store things in them when it’s the winter, and in summer you can really utilise them as extra lounges. You can put couches in there, coffee tables, and when the weather is really blazing, you can sit with the doors thrown wide open all day, not worrying about the interior. Vintage designs can look really cute and rustic whereas modern versions look streamlined and funky.

Check out online or your local garden store, they usually have offers on around this time of year too. Summer houses are easily put up and don’t normally require specialist installers which saves on cost and also can be a fun thing for the family to do in the summer, and it will also make it feel more rewarding seeing your hard work come to fruition.

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