Summer Living Room Ideas


You may remember way back last year when we suggested that if you were looking to decorate your lounge, you painted it a neutral shade such as magnolia or even a bold white. This was because it’s easier to change your colour scheme with neutral shades such as those on the walls, simply by switching up your accessories like your rug and your cushion covers. Now, we sincerely hope you did take our advice and get those walls a gorgeous neutral shade, because these summer décor tips are divine. We’re talking paisley, florals, inky blues, gingham, lime accents and bird print to name but a few. It all works, and if you want to mix and match there’s nothing stopping you.

The easiest and quickest way to spruce up the lounge for summer is to buy new cushion covers. You’ll find in the shops now there are lots of zingy printed designs for you to choose from, and it’s an idea to buy a few different styles to mirror the differing smells and colours outside. Flowers don’t grow in uniform formation and that’s a theme you can incorporate into your décor. Add a vase in one of the colours in the cushions with some fresh or realistic looking fake ones and instantly you’ve got a facelift for your lounge. Once you’ve got your base theme you can start shopping for little accessories and trinkets to add along the way.

If you’ve been brave and opted for brilliant white walls, inky blues are fantastic. Big watery deep blue flowers make for a gorgeous focal point; add two or three small accessories in the same blue and let the florals do the talking. You could add a toile throw for when you want to nip outside in the evening or sit by the window gazing at the stars. Inky blue and white is a stunning and truly timeless style and translates beautifully throughout the home in every room.

Bird print is beautiful. You can find lots of bird print accessories and bird themed trinkets in most places, as they tend to be grouped in with the shabby chic trend which will never really wane, and most home décor stores will always have something in that vein. Ornate birdcages can be sourced cheaply online and you can usually pop a little tea light in these. In the evening they cast a pretty glow all around the room thanks to the structure of the cage and it feels relaxing. It’s nice to have tea lights flickering in the evening breeze, as the dancing lights look romantic and super beautiful.

Mixing different colour schemes of paisley looks cute and so kitsch. You can have pretty much free rein when it comes to accessories colour wise too, as the cushions and curtains are so colourful and the little flowers themselves in paisley print carry so much vibrancy, it’s easy to set it all off with a mish mash of colours. Little dishes of grey pebbles on the coffee table or mantelpiece add an earth element to really bring it all together.

Sheer fabrics up at the window in place of curtains are gorgeous, but if you live in a house or a ground floor float, these aren’t that great. Opt for white or light coloured wooden slatted blinds instead. They are airy and light and bring a touch of earthiness to the room. You can of course have muslin, voile or even tulle up at the window too, along with little wind chimes made from shells or metal, dream catchers too. It all depends on what you like. After all, it is your home!

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