There are lots of reasons why people choose to share a flat or a house, mainly costs and financial reasons but there are others, more fun reasons why it’s great to share a home with someone. We’ll take you through some of them here!

Two’s Company, Three’s… More Company!

It’s nice to come home after a busy day at work to a quiet house where you can potter about in your pyjamas and eat noodles straight from the pan (Is that just us?) but it can get lonely at times, especially if many of your friends work just as many hours as you or live further across town for example. Sharing a home with someone or maybe even a couple of people means that someone is usually always going to be around at some point. You will have someone to keep you company and the same for them. It’s nice to be there for someone.

Many Hands Make Light Work

Nobody enjoys housework really. It needs doing, of course, but it can be mind-numbing especially when you live alone. You’re the one who has to do the dishes, the laundry, the mopping, the hoovering… If you have flatmates or house mates though, the chores can be split up evenly between you all. You can even draw up a list of you feel it necessary but usually it’s easier if everyone just tidies up as they go along. If you reckon the floor could do with a mop, do it. That way, everyone else living there will follow suit.

Penny Pinching

Everyone knows it’s a dear do, the cost of living. When you share, it relieves the burden somewhat. If your wage goes down for example, you can rest knowing that at least you can sit down with your house mates or flatmates, explain the situation and come up with a plan together rather than you battling with rent and bills alone in your own place. Plus, when you share, you get the chance to save up for your own gaff on the side too.

Home Alone : Not The Movie

You may feel like an eight-year-old kid when you’re in the house by yourself and if that sounds like you then you’re not the only one. Loads of people feel worried or scared when they’re home alone but if you share a property there’s that added security. You might be home alone sometimes, it’s inevitable but chances are the majority of the time you’ll be with someone in the house. It makes you feel much more safe when you’re with someone else, doesn’t it?

Pets and Plants

Going away with work or for a weekend with the girls? Don’t worry about your little furry or feathered friends or indeed your potted plants, as you have house mates! They won’t mind popping a bowl of food down for your pet or sprinkling your plants with a little water in your absence, we’re sure.

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