Everything You Need to Know About Composting


Composting is a gardening technique that can be completed all year around. After all, with some research and gardening tools you will be on your way to a fully efficient compost heap in no time! Here at The Home and Gardens we believe that composting is an incredibly beneficial way to nurture the soil in your garden. Read on to find out more about this natural process…

What is it?

When carried out correctly, composting is a natural process that transforms organic materials into a substance known as compost. This material is great for your soil and can actually help you grow healthier plants and flowers.

The Benefits

The organic matter that compost is made up of is known as the ‘soul’ of healthy soil and adding it to your garden will help nurture bigger and more beautiful plants because it helps the soil hold onto the nutrients and water found in the soil. In addition to this, composting creates a natural conditioner for your soil which can help you save money whilst also benefiting the environment by reducing garden waste.

Suitable Items

Composting is a science within itself which means that there are a few important rules to follow. For example, you will want to avoid composting materials that will attract pests and insects like meat and cheeses. With this said, grass clippings, fruit, vegetables, kitchen scraps, leaves and wood chips are all suitable items to compost because they are high in nitrogen and carbon.

Summer is the best season to get on top of the gardening game. After all, it is much easier to enjoy the outdoors when the sun is shining! To find out more information about starting your very own compost heap, get in contact with a member of The Home and Gardens team today!

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