Your Summer Garden Checklist


We spend half the year wishing summer would arrive but when it finally makes an appearance, the UK population likes to complain that it is too warm. With the hot weather finally in full swing, the team here at The Home and Gardens want to ensure that our readers understand how their gardening responsibilities must also be altered. Here is a brief summer garden checklist to follow…


There is nothing more important than watering your plants little and often during summer in the gardening industry. With this said, it is important that you don’t over water too as this can drown them and ruin all your hard work. As a guide, common garden plants require an inch of water per week and it is recommended to provide this all at once.


The last thing you want is all of your beautiful flowers and plants to be overshadowed by pesky weeds which is why summer is the perfect season to dig out your shovel and weed your garden. After all, nobody wants to hold the summer barbecue in an unsightly and unkept space and keeping on top of weed growth will benefit you in the long term.

Pest Watch

Whilst bees are essential and should be allowed to pollinate your flowers without harm, other pests can spoil all your hard work. In fact, grasshoppers, cucumber beetles and tomato hornworms are a few examples of critters that you don’t want to hang around in your garden during summer. Remember to use natural deterrents in order to keep them away rather than chemicals as you don’t want to harm the bees!

An increase in temperature is both a curse and a blessing. After all, you must religiously water your plants or else they will shrivel under the sun’s rays in no time! Do you have any top tips for summer garden care? Get in contact with The Home and Gardens team and speak to a member of our team today!

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