Flower Planting in Summer


One of the biggest secrets of planting and gardening is knowing when certain plants are in season and when they aren’t. After all, you will have a much easier time planting strawberries in late spring than you will during autumn, for example. In this blog, our focus is going to be on the garden and we’re going to discuss the best flowers to plant during summer so you can achieve a wonderfully bright yard…


As a bright flower, it is very difficult to find a plant that is as cheerful as the Marigold. It comes in a range of bright yellows and oranges and is definitely a must in any gardening fanatics summer garden! They require little maintenance but a lot of sun.


This flower is most likely to bloom in a purple or lavender colour however it is not uncommon to be found in a range of pinks or whites too. It can withstand heavy heats which makes it perfect for the summer and is a very soft touch to any garden flowerbed.


Low maintenance flowers are the best for any novice planter and the Lantana comes in a range of different colours including reds, yellows, oranges, pinks and even purples. They can appear all through the summer season and are even able to survive a drought.

It’s time to put your brand new gardening knowledge to the test and start planting your flowers! Remember to ensure that they receive enough water and provide them with the required nutrients on a regular basis so that they can grow to their best potential and be sure to check back here at The Home and Garden for more gardening tips and tricks!

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