Gardening Tips From the Experts


Whether you are new to the practice or a seasoned pro, gardening is an activity that almost anyone is able to enjoy. Despite this, it’s not all fun and games because gardening takes a lot of persistence, patience and time. Plus, there’s a whole load of trial and error involved too. In this blog, we’re going to tell you our top gardening tips straight from the experts…

  1. A no-stick shovel is something that all gardeners should have in their shed. Simply spray a regular shovel with silicon in order to make the process of shovelling much easier.


  1. Deep plant pots do not need to be filled with as much soil as you may think. Doing this will just make the pot heavier. Remove the strain by filing half of the pot with packing peanuts, applying some landscape fabric and then filling the rest of the pot with potting soil.


  1. The more dedicated gardeners tend to have a rain gauge which is a device used to measure the amount of rain that has fallen. Sometimes it can be hard to read. If you struggle with this a lot, simply add a few drops of food colouring at the bottom.


  1. The wheelbarrow is the most easiest way to carry around garden equipment however it isn’t always good for resting items like tools and gloves inside. Give your wheelbarrow an upgrade by adding some plywood to the end to create a flat surface. It is the perfect table top and allows you to keep everything in one place.

Do you have any particular gardening methods that you would like to share? The team here at The Home and Garden love to hear from our readers so get in contact and let us know!

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