Top Tips to Eliminate Garden Weeds


Garden weeds are the biggest enemy of gardeners from around the world. Year in and year out, gardeners will work their hardest to produce beautiful flower gardens or their very own vegetables only for weeds to steal their nutrients and limit their growth. In fact, sometimes weeds will even kill the plants that gardeners are attempting to grow. Here at The Home and Garden, we know how annoying garden weeds can be which is why we have put together a few tops tips to help you completely eliminate them from your garden…

  • Bare soil is the definition given to soil that is not covered grass or another type of living ground cover and is the cause of many garden weed issues. This is because it openly invites seeds that have been blowing in the wind to be established in the ground and grow. By removing bare soil from your gardens and opting for mulch, the growth of garden weeds can be significantly lowered.


  • Tilling is a gardening term that explains the process of prepared the land for planting crops and other plants however resisting the urge to do this constantly will help prevent weed growth. This is because garden weed seeds fall on top of the soil and tilling will replant and allow these seeds to germinate as gardeners are taking the seeds that may never germinate and placing it in the perfect environment to do so.

The team here at The Home and Garden love hearing how our tips help our readers out so make sure to get in contact and let us know how your garden copes once it is free from pesky garden weeds!

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