It has officially been a month since the spring of 2017 began and although the UK has seen a few fluctuations in the weather, it’s no excuse to not get started on some spring gardening. After all, those who put in the time now will undoubtedly see the benefits when summer hits! Here are The Home and Gardens top 3 spring gardening tips…

  1. Over the period of winter, we tend to neglect our garden for obvious reasons, which means that it becomes cluttered. The first part of spring gardening including giving your garden a good clean! That includes removing all debris such as leaves and weeds. After this, it is also recommended that you sharpen your garden tools in preparation for the actual gardening.


  1. After winter, the soil has likely dried out and spring is the perfect time to add some moisture! Try an organic material such as compost or manure in order to revitalise your soil.


  1. In addition to the fertilizers and organics, you should also consider adding mulch to the flower beds in your garden. 1-3 inches of mulch will add an extra layer of protection and enable the soil to continuously maintain its moisture and temperature. The idea is that the mulch is a few inches away from the plant stem which helps to prevent the roots from rotting.

It’s time to dig out your gardening tools and get to work! Make sure to let the team here at The Home and Gardens know how your garden turns out – we love to hear from our readers!

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