With spring just over 30 days away, it’s time to dig out the feather dusters and prepare yourself for a good old fashioned spring cleaning. Sometimes it is easy to become distracted when we begin cleaning our homes, however here at The Home and Garden, we’ve got you covered! Here are our top tips when it comes to spring cleaning…

  1. One of the main places we tend to forget to supply some TLC to is the walls. After all, dust appears to just fall to the floor. This is mostly true, however we tend not to notice the thin layer that is able to cling to the vertical surfaces in our homes, such as the walls. As this layer is only thin, it doesn’t cause much of a bother- however it is best to give the walls a seasonal dusting this spring to remove it.
  1. We regularly vacuum around the house in order to remove dust, pet hairs and other mess however we tend to avoid manoeuvring around the furniture. During your spring clean, it is best to break this tradition and get behind the TV unit, sofas and under the beds. Remember, just because we can see the dust, doesn’t mean it isn’t there!
  1. Get yourself a bowl of warm soapy water and a sponge and get to work on the inside of your refrigerator! Over the course of many months, food will spill, leak and cause a whole range of different stains inside your fridge. Not only can this cause nasty smells, it also looks unsightly. Take this year’s spring cleaning as an opportunity to make your fridge interior sparkle once again!

Here at The Home and Garden, offering tips and tricks on how to keep your property in tip top shape is our expertise. After all, spring cleaning is the one time a year we can all collectively go crazy about compulsively cleaning our homes and no one will bat an eye lid. Let us know your tips and tricks for spring cleaning in 2017!

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