How to Get Rid of Garden Weeds for Good


It is often said that there is nothing worse than a garden that has been overtaken by pesky weeds, however it could be argued that weeds that simply won’t go away are a lot worse. Every gardener knows how difficult it can be to eradicate garden weeds once and for all. With this said, very few take the steps to do so. Read on as The Home and Gardens team explains how you can kill pesky weeds once and for all this summer…

Dig the weeds up from the roots

The majority of gardeners will get rid of weeds by digging them up, however it is important to do so from the root. If anything is left behind then the weed will be able to revive itself and will pop back up a few days later and force you to repeat the entire thing! The best way to remove weeds from the root is to use a trowel as the shape of this tool allows you to delve deep into the soil.

Chemical Sprays

Although we don’t recommend the use of chemicals in order to deal with everyday weeds, it may be necessary to do so when trying to eradicate certain types. For example, japanese knotweed and bindweed can be notoriously difficult to get rid of so isolating it from other plants and using weed killers may come in handy. Just remember that these chemicals can put insects at risk and should never be sprayed on flowers.

Burn or dispose of the weeds far away

The biggest mistake that gardeners make when trying to solve a weed problem is how they dispose of the roots of the weeds. Once they have been taken out of the ground, it is crucial that they are taken as far away from the soil as possible and disposed of in a way that prevents the seeds from regerminating. In fact, a lot of people choose to burn the weeds rather than simply putting them in a bin.

Garden weeds do not only look unsightly, they force your flowers and plants to fight for essential nutrients and moisture from the soil. This is a fight that they will often lose due to the incessant nature of garden weeds and can ruin all of your hard work in a matter of weeks! To ensure that your flowers and plants stand a chance of survival this summer, it is important to take the necessary steps to eradicate weeds as soon as they are spotted and prevent the seeds from regerminating anywhere else.

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