Gardening is a long process which cannot be rushed and a skill that is perfected over many years of hard work and determination. In fact, the first thing any wannabe gardener should be taught is that gardening is certainly not something that can be learnt overnight. Here at The Home and Garden, we understand how disheartening it can be when your plants die: it’s as if a piece of you died along with it.

Did you know that tomatoes can be the hardest fruit to grow? This is because they tend to die when you least expect it. There are two popular ways to go about it; sowing seeds and growing bags. Here at The Home and Garden, we’ve put together a simplified how-to guide when it comes to growing these pesky fruits…

When it comes to sowing a seed, there is a strict order to follow. First you should fill a 3-inch pot with compost and water and scatter seeds thinly. Cover this with a layer of vermiculite. After this, the pot should be placed on a windowsill to germinate and seedlings should appear within roughly two weeks. These should be large enough to separate into separate pots- which can be done by very carefully holding their leaves to lift them out and transporting them into a 3-inch pot. You should make sure the roots are covered and that they are moved to a bigger pot when the roots themselves come through the drainage holes.

On the other hand, when the first branch of flowers has appeared, tomatoes are ready to be transported into growing bags. Start this method by preparing the bag which is done by shaking it to break up any compacted compost and moulding it into a hummock shape. Pierce the base to make drainage holes and carve out the marked planting squares, scooping out the compost for the tomatoes to be planted. It is important that the top of the root ball is beneath the top of the bag and is covered lightly with compost and water. Next put a frame over the growing bag and insert a cane. The cane should be secured to the frame and the tomatoes tied to it every 4 inches as it grows.

With this simple to follow guide, here and The Home and Garden we’ll be surprised if you don’t have a shed full of tomatoes very soon! Let us know how you get on!

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