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Tips for Pumpkin Carving

With Halloween drawing closer and closer as the days go by, it’s time to start thinking about grabbing a carving knife and creating some spooky faces on your pumpkins. It’s the season of the scary and what better way to occupy the kids than an afternoon of practically removing the insides of a pumpkin?

In fact, there are millions of different ways to approach the art of pumpkin carving; you can approach it artistically by creating works of art such as the Trumpkin, a pumpkin mockery of Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump, or you can opt for the original triangle eyed, wide smile design that Halloween is famous for.

Whatever your creative style, whether it by downright terrifying or a spectacle showcase of carving talent; here are a few tips from us here at The Home and Garden…

  1. Don’t let children use sharp objects. It is imperative that all knives and cutting equipment are kept away from children who should not be allowed to physically carve the pumpkin. Keep kids occupied by allowing them to remove the seeds and insides of the pumpkin.
  1. Get creative with the faces. As easy as it might be to carve out a few triangles and a spooky looking smile, adding a variety to your creations always makes pumpkin carving more interesting. Plus, your window decorations won’t be clones of one another.
  1. Use electric candles. If you’re concerned about the dangers of candles or your landlord doesn’t allow them, you can always buy battery operated faux ones. They flicker which mimics the flame of a real candle with none of the fire hazards, plus the neighbourhood youths who enjoy pumpkin smashing won’t pose any danger.

Once you’ve completed your pumpkins, remember to decorate the rest of your home! Have a happy Halloween from all of us here at The Home and Garden!

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