No matter what we envision for autumn, the outcome is always the same; dark mornings, windswept hair and cold nights. Autumn is the month of never ending rain coupled with the equivalent sunlight of 3am and, for the ever proud gardener, it is a living nightmare.

Why would you even want to attempt gardening in the rain? It is an activity perfectly normal to question however, if you’re prepared to brave the outdoor elements, there are a number of benefits that can be found…

In the rain, you can carry out planting, feeding and harvesting. In fact, planting in the rain tends to put people off, however if there is no standing water, it is perfectly fine. Make sure to use a pot or choose an area in your garden which has optimum drainage. Feeding during rain is the best time as the rain will drain the fertilizers straight to the roots for a maximum uptake. Here you’re killing two birds with one stone; watering and feeding. Finally, harvesting is perfect during the wet months for crops such as lettuce and watercress.

After the rain has subsided, it is the perfect time to start weeding and tidying. After a downpour, the soil will be damp which will have loosened the weed roots and therefore make them easier to remove whole. This is very helpful for weeds such as dandelions which has taproots, meaning they can be difficult to remove when the soil is dry. Rain is practically essential to a healthy garden; however, a big downpour can lead to problems. After a flash of rain, you should look for anything which has been moved out of place. If you have an open compost heap, you should also turn it to ensure that air circulates and waterlogging doesn’t occur.

Are you ready to brave the rain? Let us know how your garden thrives this autumn!

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