More Pennies in your Pocket


Becoming a student and going to university is often thought of as freedom. You can eat when you please, do your household chores whenever you want, and come home when you feel like it. Despite these benefits, for many people it is also the first time they experience such freedom and it can be a shock to the system. You have to do your own shopping, cleaning and cooking- on top of convincing yourself to study. Perhaps the most uplifting thing about this overload of responsibility is a student’s entitlement to loans; however, many will have never have had such a large amount of money before. Spending it wisely can be a challenge, which is why we’ve put together our top 5 hacks for saving money as first year student…

  1. If possible, purchase used textbooks. They will likely be sold for a much cheaper price than purchasing brand new books and as long as they have all the necessary information, the condition shouldn’t matter.


  1. Don’t make impulse purchases. This includes going food shopping whilst you are hungry, as you are more likely to spend with your stomach than your brain. All purchases should be thought out and budgeted beforehand.


  1. Take advantage of student discounts. Many high street clothes retailers, restaurants and food outlets offer discounts.


  1. Limit coffee shop adventures. It is much cheaper to make your own coffee. Save the trips to Starbucks for a special occasion or a stressful day when you need a treat.


  1. Learn to cook. You will save money cooking meals rather than eating takeaways, plus it is healthier. Cooking almost always guarantees leftovers so the home will always be stocked.

Of course, we’re not telling you to abandon all luxuries. Living on a budget can be tough, however it is important to have the willpower and self-restraint to resist the things you don’t need to ensure that you can live comfortably as a student. The responsibility is yours now!

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