If you own a domestic pet, you will understand how frustrating fur can be. You will find it on your clothes, furniture, floors and they even manage to get it in places you didn’t even think was possible. Despite this, you can never bring yourself to hate or dislike your furry companion. We certainly find ourselves complaining about the overload of fur in our homes but quickly realise that we wouldn’t have it any other way. To help with the fur-load, we’ve put together a quick how-to guide to help minimalize the fur in your home…

Fur from pets seems to shed at any time of the year despite some reporting that they find their pets shed more fur seasonally. Despite this, regular vacuuming every 2 – 3 days can help make your house feel much cleaner. A lack of fur laying around the floors also means that less will be transferred to clothing and furniture.

It’s sometimes embarrassing when you get to work or arrive at lunch with someone special to find you have a big patch of fur all down your sleeve. For situations like this, we recommend you carry around a lint brush that is specially manufactured for pet hair. That way you can de-fur yourself before entering work looking like the human equivalent of a German Shepherd.

Finally, we recommend that dog owners in particular make grooming a necessary weekly activity. Whilst your four-legged friend may only need a professional wash two to three times a year, you should try to brush your dog at least once a week, especially during moulting season. This will help prevent fall out around the house and give your pet a silky smooth and stylish fur-do that will last all week long.

Did our tricks of the trade help you? Let us know how you got on de-furring your home!

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