How to Maintain Your Hedges


A hedge grows like any other garden plant so it is important that you maintain them regularly in order to prevent them overgrowing. After all, neglected hedges can make your property look dishevelled and can be a real inconvenience.  Here at The Home and Gardens, we have the expertise to help you with all of your gardening woes and in this blog we are going to go over a few important things that everyone should know when it comes to hedge maintenance…


In order to ensure that your hedges grow healthily, it is important to prune them. After all, this process removes the weight of damaged/dead branches and helps air and light reach the surviving areas. Before you start pruning, you should ensure that you have somewhere to dispose of the debris. Start by removing the areas that are thicker in order to ensure that the inner branches are able to get the air and sunlight they require. After this, you should remove all dead limbs from your hedge, however you should be wary of over pruning in winter as these space areas will not grow back until it gets warmer. Finally, it is best that you use manual trimmers for this job as electric ones are too unpredictable.


Without human intervention, hedges would grow in all kinds of directions. Luckily, trimming can help keep them under control and improve the aesthetics of your homes exterior. You should start the process of hedge trimming by pruning. After this, you can use an electric trimmer in order to shape the hedge however you desire. Most people will give their hedge a box cut look with straight edges as it the easiest and most complementary style. You should always practice safety when working with electric trimmers and remember to stop regularly during the trimming process to ensure that you are cutting in a straight line.

A well maintained hedge can make all the difference to the aesthetics of your property. After all, many people use them in place of a fence so it is important that they are able to serve their purpose. In fact it is also possible to hire a professional gardener to take care of your hedges in order to ensure that the job is done correctly. To find out more information about hedge maintenance, get in contact with a member of The Home and Gardens team today!

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