How to Prepare the Garden for Summer


When the temperatures finally start to rise, we naturally spend more time outdoors in order to bask in the sunshine. With this said, there is nothing inviting about a garden that has seen better days which is why it is important to provide your yard with continuous maintenance in the weeks leading up to summer. After all, seasonal changes can alter the way that we look after our plants. Read on as the team here at The Home and Gardens go over a few top tips that will help even the most novice gardeners prepare their garden for summer…

Why do weeds need to be removed from a garden?

As a general rule, a plant is classed as a ‘weed’ when it grows aggressively and without intention. For example, the dandelion is a well know inhabitant of gardens that can be a nuisance for homeowners due to their ability to seed very easily. It is important to remove weeds because they will rob your plants of important nutrients and water as they fight for survival and since they are aggressive, they often win. As water is often sparse during summer and plants rely on the homeowner to provide it, weeding is essential in order to guarantee that they survive.

What gardening tools are needed for maintenance?

Looking after a garden doesn’t require any qualifications and even the most basic tools can ensure that the hot summer sun doesn’t affect the health of a lawn. For example, a hand trowel and garden fork can help remove weeds from their roots in order to prevent regrowth and assist in the planting of new seeds. In addition to this, a hose or watering can are the easiest ways to manually water a lawn without having to break the bank in the process and they are also incredibly simple to use.

How often does a lawn need watering?

The hot temperatures of summer means that rainfall levels reduce considerably and it is not uncommon to go several days without any sign of precipitation. Whilst this may be beneficial for sunbathing, it can affect plants considerably as they need moisture in order to survive. Luckily, homeowners can reduce the likeness of wilting by watering their garden in the early morning each day before the temperatures are considerably higher; this time of day is ideal because it gives the roots enough time to absorb the water before the hot midday sun causes it to evaporate.

Here at The Home and Gardens, we believe that preparation is key when it comes to garden maintenance over the summer season. After all, less rainfall and higher temperatures means that watering becomes a task that requires meticulous planning and attention to detail. Luckily, the removal of weeds will ensure that your plants receive a healthy supply of moisture to guarantee strength and longevity. To find out more information about seasonal garden maintenance, get in contact with a member of The Home and Gardens team today!

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