The Benefits of a Kitchen Pantry


Thought to be an American fad, it is quite uncommon to find a kitchen pantry in the majority of British households. In fact, many homeowners tend to place their food items and cooking appliances into the drawers and cupboard provided inside the kitchen itself. With this said, a pantry is a type of cupboard or room that offers additional storage space for smaller households. Read on as the team here at The Home and Gardens go over some of the benefits that homeowners can reap from a kitchen pantry…

Does a pantry make it easier to cook?

The last thing that any busy homeowner wants to do is open and close their cupboards repeatedly in order to find one item in their kitchen. As a result, a kitchen pantry can provide the perfect organisational tool as it allows people to navigate their cooking space much more efficiently. After all, the traditional layout of a pantry means that it is hard to miss an item and the close proximity to the kitchen means that the cook is less than 10 steps away from their workstation.

How much storage does a pantry offer?

It is important that property owners remember that every pantry is different. For example, some are a walk-in room with several shelves of storage whereas others are a small stack of shelves hidden behind a door. With this said, the average pantry provides enough additional storage to warrant its existence and many homeowners benefit from the extra space it provides in the kitchen cupboards.

Does a pantry take up a lot of space?

A pantry can be as big or as small as a homeowner would like as they are an incredibly versatile storage solution. In fact, some homeowners with a back room will actually re-design the entire space in order to transform it into a modern yet chic pantry. On the other hand, some pantries are small yet functional and hidden behind a doorway in order to save space whilst taking advantage of the extra storage on offer.

Despite their reputation as an Americanism, it is safe to say that the pantry is the perfect solution to storage problems in the home. After all, they are very easy to install and can even make use of a back room that never manages to see the light of day as a dark room is an ideal location to store a variety of dry and tinned goods. To find out more information about what it takes to install a kitchen pantry, get in contact with a member of the Home and Gardens team today!

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